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Into the wall-hung toilet, quiet is your style

When going to the toilet at night, many people tend to tiptoe into the toilet, unwilling to make any noise. But after pressing the flush button carefully, it seemed to have crossed to the mouth of the Yellow River. The small toilet suddenly emitted energy that swallowed the mountains and rivers, and the flushing sound interrupted the steady snoring of the family. At this moment they are always very lost, everything is done in vain, and they can only fall asleep with some apologetics.

Ingenious design of bathroom storage area

Next to the sanitary ware, some toiletries are also needed, so that the vertical space can be fully utilized at this time. For example, design built-in shelves or hanging cabinets in the wall to expand storage.

Personalized dressing is more fashionable

In house decoration, in addition to the different ways in which furniture is presented, color changes can more intuitively affect people's visual experience. Gray, white and black are the more common bathroom colors. The three colors themselves are gradients, and the relationship between the shades will not be abrupt when matched together. With the decoration of marble and log materials, the whole bathroom also looks beautiful and tidy.

Is your bedside table symmetrical on both sides? I threw them away from the house next door, I would have benefited early

In bedroom furniture, the frequency of use of bedside tables must be relatively high. In addition to adding home elements to make the bedroom more monotonous, its practical effects cannot be ignored. When resting on the bed, the bedside table, whether it is placed with books, lamps, photo accessories, or tea and snacks, is within easy reach and easy access.

In-wall design, wardrobe instead of bedside table

Still facing the small room, the single bed is installed longitudinally into the recessed area formed by the wardrobe and the wall, one side is close to the floor-to-ceiling window, and the other side is a special wardrobe. The closet room is specially set aside with a hollow structure. The area here can also fully satisfy the role of jewelry display and clothing storage. This design is also unique.
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