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Strict selection of materials to show extraordinary quality and create exquisite bathroom space

Strict selection of materials to show extraordinary quality and create exquisite bathroom space

How to attract people's attention for bathroom hardware accessories

At present, China Science and Technology Hardware City Plumbing Hardware Trading Zone sanitary products from the function, style to color, variety. In particular, a piece of exquisite bathroom hardware products, looks more like a piece of art. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences, and can enjoy thoughtful service.

Business opportunities of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories in the next two years

It is reported that according to the notice issued by the relevant state departments on the transformation of urban housing sanitary ware, Shanghai has begun to phase out the water tank accessories on the old toilet and use water-saving accessories instead. Residential quarters in Xuhui, Yangpu and Pudong districts have been involved. This year, the water bureau will timely adjust the price of tap water

The Construction of International Accounting Talents Cultivation System under the initiative of "One Belt and One Road"%"

The implementation of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative has brought new opportunities for the economic development of various countries. Economic development cannot be separated from the development of enterprises.

The new trend of bathroom decoration, fashion vane, the home next door likes you

Life is a pile of trivial things, and happiness often comes from trivial things. In home life, the importance of the bathroom is self-evident. People must bathe, wash, and clean up here. Some novel bathroom decoration can add a lot of color to your bathroom, and at the same time, the powerful functionality will also make your life less embarrassing and more calm.
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